The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) has established an Enumerators’ Bureau to accredit and certify field data collectors with the aim of improving the quality of survey and census information that are used for national development planning.The institutionalization of a formal long term engagement with field officers will provide an opportunity to streamline capacity building interventions, build trust between enumerators and respondents and create an opportunity for career development. This has become imperative because, increasingly, both public and private sector institutions rely on data for investment and resolving challenges that confront the nation.

The GSS therefore invites interested persons who are goal-oriented, results-driven and possess leadership qualities to enroll on the Enumerators’ Bureau.

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Enumerators Appliacation Form submission is still on going.

New applicants are still welcomed to complete the Ghana Statistical Service Enumerators Application Form. Applicants who started the form and were not able to complete the form are encouraged to go back and complete form.

We have made the platform better and easy to use.  We have also added a social media style communication system where users can communicate their concern directly on the platform. The platform used the social media application technology for communication. 

Completing the Enumerators Application Form

New! Requirement to fill the Enumerators Application Form

  • Passport Size Picture 25 X 35 mm
  • One of the Identity Document you posses
  • Voter ID or Passport or Driver’s License
  • Highest Educational Certificate
  • Current Curriculum Vitae-CV
  • National Services Certificate

All Applicants must complete both the Enumerators Application Form and the Personality Test

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